Teacher's Guide

Interesting Facts Related to Black Angels.
You might have fun looking these up.

Harper’s Ferry

  • Harper’s Ferry was the location of John Brown’s attack on slavery in 1859.

Children in the War

  • Children not yet ten years old were sometimes soldiers in the Civil War. They were often used as drummer boys, mail sorters, and shoe shine boys. More than 300 northern soldiers were under the age of 13.

Black Indians

  • Black Indians is a term that refers to people of African American descent with or without native American descent, but who were embedded with Native Americans and possess strong cultural ties to their Native American heritage.

Horses in the War

  • The horse was the backbone of the Civil War. Horses moved guns, ambulances, and carried officers. They were critical to the war.

Women Spies

  • Women played many roles in the Civil War. Several women were spies for the Union or Confederacy.

Mountain Lions

  • Mountain lions were common in NC and Virginia well into the 19th century. Today there are still a few left in the Smokies area. They can be anywhere from 70 to 105 inches long including the tail. They weigh from 100 to 220 pounds.

Reading While Enslaved

  • Enslaved people placed great value on the power of literacy, even though in many states it was illegal for them to be educated, and they could be severely punished for learning how to read. Many took that risk anyhow.


  • Smallpox was a disease that people had to fight in the 19th century. Many soldiers died from it during the Civil War.

Kitchen Gardens

  • During the 19th century it was common for people to have a kitchen garden where they grew their food. On many plantations the kitchen was in separate little house and there was a kitchen garden there also.