Primus Player Primus Player, Linda's maternal great-grandfather

This is Linda's great grandfather Primus Player. He was born in 1830. He survived slavery with creativity and panache. We do not know his wife's name and there are no pictures of her. She died early. At one time the last name of the family was Dupree, but that slave master was too mean, so they took the name of Player from another slave owner. Primus named himself Primus after emancipation. The family originated from South Carolina and Gainesville Florida. Their heritage was African and Native American.

Great-great grandmother White

Linda's mother's great grandmother. Born into slavery. Lived in Jackson Mississippi. Mother to six children. Three of them assimilated as White. Three of them chose to be Black.


Bettie Megee Ramsey, my father's grandmother

This Linda's great grandmother. She had to be creative to survive intermarriage in the 19th century. Lived in Ohio. She was from Ireland.


Grandma White's house in Jackson, Mississippi, perhaps early 1900’s

This is Linda's mom and dad on their wedding day in 1929.

Linda around 7 months old.

Linda is seated in front here with her
mother and siblings, Dolores, Barbara and Raymond.

A photo of Linda taken in high school


Linda and her aunt, Dr. Willa Player, President of Bennett College at Linda's graduation.

This is Karrah and Kendall, dressed in their Harry Potter halloween costumes that Linda made.

Linda's son's daughter, Karrah Bragg

Linda's son's daughter, Kendall Bragg

Linda's son, Chris with his wife, Jessica
and their three sons, Michael, Adrian, and Christopher.

Linda with her daughter, Willa and her
grandson, Christopher.



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