“I very much like the book. Brown has a nuanced understanding of
plantation politics as well as an appreciation of nature, spirituality,
friendship and adventure.  

The American Revolution has Johnny Tremain, now the Civil War has
Black Angels. Linda Beatrice Brown does a superb job of evoking the
beauty of the natural world, the complexity of spirituality, and the
significance of choosing ones own family as seen through the eyes of
three young people on the run from death and loss.

Black Angels provides insight into how the plantation world looks
through the eyes of young black and white people who cannot rightly be
called children--so much has been stolen and contorted by the vicious
realities of slavery and war.

Addressing racism head on, Linda Beatrice Brown provides the perfect
book for young readers to read a year or two before they read
Huckleberry Finn or in conjunction with Huckleberry Finn. By providing
young readers with heroes who allow friendship and insight to eclipse
bias and fear Brown creates a novel that will prepare young black and
white readers to face the harsher realities of our national history
with a clear moral compass.”

Alice Randall, Author of The Wind Done Gone; Pushkin and the Queen of Spades; and Rebel Yell




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